Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Meditation is not about turning off your mind.

Meditation is about being exquisitely present to the moment in which you are, because there is nothing else.

Our guided meditations use vibrational harmony and verbal imagery, optionally enhanced with photographic an animated graphic visuals, to emphasize the qualities of awareness and presence, while leading your conscious mind on inspiring and intricate sensory journeys through the landscape that is your inner being.

The voice of our trained meditation guides will be with you throughout your exploration, pointing out the tops of the trees, so you may discover for yourself the rising moon which may lie beyond.

If you have never meditated, you will enjoy the experience these meditations offer.

If you meditate infrequently, you may find these meditations draw you back into a more regular pattern.

If your attention wanders during unguided meditation, you may find these tools keep the experience fresh and compelling time after time.

If you meditate regularly, our guided meditations will enrich and enhance your practice, expanding your options and insights.

If you know someone who meditates, or who might be interested in meditation, s/he will certainly find these mediations entertaining, compelling, and worthwhile.

If you decide your guided meditation is not everything we say it is, return it within six months and we will refund your purchase price, and thank you pleasantly for your feedback.

We're that confident about the quality of what we offer.